Sunday, November 22, 2015

Home alone.

A solitary person is a curiosity.
Ask him where he has been, what he is doing.
Or something we should bother less about.
Let him be. Let him stand or sit or walk the paces.
Going no-where. 
A solitary man is noticed, among the crowd of well wishers
Feeding off their anxiety, their costs, their way.
Leave him be. He waits for nothing. 
He is sheltered by his thoughts 
he is cleansed by his emptiness. 
Look on in envy to the solitary man and see the virtues.
Disconnect momentarily with him. Drift in a cloud or seek the light of the sun.
Find meaning in the space between the thoughts.
Leave the solitary man to himself.
He is safe.

Something to oggle over.

For all those who have been waiting for something to 'oooh' and 'aarrrh' about, here they are.
My attempts at Monkey Photos.

The essentials in a Monkey Photo are:
Colour, red and yellows preferably.
Something recognisable.
As few people as possible.
Somewhere as far away as possible.
A sunrise or sunset.
Water, blurry if possible.
Some soft focus.
An animal, preferably something cute.
The Moon or stars.
Something that matches the curtains.

I tried my best. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Walls, doors and windows I have prowled around


Walls: they keep one side from the other.
Some stand alone, strong and durable, others wear with time and weather or a battle or two to show what they are really made of; strong stuff those walls.
Some have holes built into them: doors and windows, through which those on one side can see those on the other. Latched and barred, the doors and windows are primarily to keep one side from being on the other.
Occasionally, the tenant (so called because they live beyond the wall) will allow the guest (so called because they have been invited inside the walled camber) to enter. Only a few are entitled 'guest' status.
Walls have other functions.
They are great surfaces on which to display one's ideals. 
They can be used to support all sorts of utilities.
Small, self contained holes can be used as receptacles or repositories, thus referred to as 'post' or 'withdrawal'.
Walls can be of any colour or texture, height or thickness, length or breadth. 
Walls carry names, numbers, signs, posters, directions, symbols and even a tap or ash tray.
You can stand by them. walk by them, shade by them, meet by them, talk by them, write on them, climb them, fall off them, look over them, build them or break them down.