Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It's not all black and white

" Non è tutto solo in bianco e nero, si vede."

"How so?"

"Such is life, my dear. Such is and has been my life; and yours most likely.  
We see the colour of life. It has its beauty and we seek it as we do salt and solitude. Yet it can blind us. Beneath the glow of reds and green is another world, another side to the page, another tale to tell and learn from.

How can we see what the young woman does as she leaves her place of work. Her backdrop is the stage curtain but she is not acting; she is acting out her life, step by tentative step.

And what of the young girl and her friend. Some may see this as sinister. For them it matters not. They have their lives and the are knitted together in friendship that feeds their needs: wisdom and curiosity.

As we pass the scenes in the street we can be aware of the scenarios that reached that point. The camera, guided by the photographer, selects the point in time, the interruption, to the unfolding events.

As you look at the photograph, give it thought. Look past the colour and search for the moment captures. Be the boy on the bike on his way to join his mates, be the old man joining his community in the sun, be the seller, amused by the child in the pram. Be all of these people in all of these places an see the shades of gray beneath. 

"Nothing is just black and white, my dear. Only our vision for beauty  hides the life beneath"

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  1. The color is not lost. Not in your words...not in your images. Dramatic and impressive group. Think I'll look again and see if I can see where I am.