Thursday, November 12, 2015

Give me that old time religion

I'm anxious to get moving. I find Christine's enthusiasm has reached new height as well. She is waiting for me in the foyer, practicing her Italian on a local, no less. Unfortunately her language skills  gained little from this conversation. Turns out he's from Norich or Cambridge or some such equally British place. Christine seems not to notice, or care. She's doing fine in any language.

Why churches are built at the top of hills I'll never understand. I know the principle. Churches needed to be seen from the surrounding countryside, hence the addition of the steeple just to make sure. And if that didn't do it for you, a bell would ring out to make sure you got out of bed in time.
But that's all gone now. Same with the high ceilings. Who cleans the cob webs from the chandeliers? 
Although the interior was a suitable venue for photographing under low light condition, I felt a certain unease. It was time to check if I still cast a shadow. 

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