Tuesday, November 10, 2015


  This is an Italian fly. I know this to be a fact because it has taken upon itself to frequent Aventino Hill in Rome where I have started my Italian holiday and land on a column on my balcony.
I do wonder what differences there might be in this fly as compared to, say, a Blowie from Boraloola. Does it have a preference for pizza or pasta, for example. Does it egate, pupate or larvate with flare and style as do most Italians? I note it stays to the shady side of the post. That's a 'fly' thing. It doesn't seem to have any difficulty knowing up from down. It's as sticky as any six legs I've seen. Perhaps it followed me here, stowed away in a container or suitcase. Perhaps it's on holidays as well.
Good fortune has come to us both.
I leave a few crumbs from my focaccia and a slurp of espresso. After all, everyone needs a Roman holiday at least once in their life, even if the duration of said life is but a few weeks at most, a few moments at least if I can find a news paper to role up.
Pesky flies.

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